Stilt house village voted among best in the world

Located 70km north of Hà Nội and just a short drive from the centre of Thái Nguyên City, the village has 30 original houses built on stilts. They are home to Tày and Nùng ethnic groups and have been relocated here from the Định Hóa Safety Zone.

Many of the properties are more than half a century old.

More than 100 Tày, Nùng, Cao Lan, Sán Chỉ and Kinh families were encouraged to settle in the village and turn the old deserted hilly land called Bờ Tiên into today’s fertile green areas. Many families have four generations living here.

Sixteen years after its construction, the village is now an ecological site spread over 70ha with lakes packed with 20 different varieties of fish.

Over the years, Thái Hải, with its original cultural space and daily life well preserved by local ethnic for generations, has become an ideal destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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