Unique Fire Jumping rituals of the Pa Then ethnic group in Tuyen Quang province

The Fire Jumping rituals, an ancient religious activity of the Pa Then ethnic minority in Hong Quang commune, Lam Binh, Tuyen Quang province, is a unique cultural tradition. This ceremony honors the God of Fire, the highest deity in Pa Then belief, who is thought to bring luck and prosperity. The ceremony takes place from the October 15th on the lunar calendar of the previous year, to the January 16th on the lunar calendar of the following year. It serves as a thanksgiving for a year of good harvests, a prosperous and happy life, and the health of the villagers. The rituals also symbolizes the Pa Then people's resilience and determination to overcome difficulties, face challenges, and master nature for their survival and development.



In recognition of its unique cultural significance, the Pa Then fire jumping ritual has been designated as part of Vietnam's national intangible cultural heritage. This designation aims to safeguard this tradition, particularly for those who practice and teach the associated beliefs. It also emphasizes the importance of preserving and promoting such cultural heritage for future generations.


Furthermore, Pa Then people's fire jumping rituals has been officially recognized as a distinct tourism product for Lam Binh District, Tuyen Quang province. Collaboration between Vietrantour and Lam Binh district aims to integrate this experience into broader tourism programs for Tuyen Quang. This initiative highlights the unique cultural values of the Pa Then ethnic tradition within the broader context of Vietnamese culture.


Explore the fire jumping rituals of the Pa Then people, Lang Can Travel Company (Lam Binh, Tuyen Quang)
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